Vaughn’s Wings of Hope

Dedicated to supporting individuals who suffer from terminal illness.

The heart of what we do


Vaughn’s Wings of Hope is a charitable foundation dedicated to supporting individuals who suffer from a terminal illness.

Do Something Great

Every day people are faced with choices regarding the health and well-being of themselves, aspouse, child, parent or other loved one. These might be easy ones like what to cook for dinner or who will run to the pharmacy. Sometimes, they’re more difficult ones that we hope we never have to make or wish for someone else to make:


Through fundraising efforts and dedicated volunteers, we have a common goal to provide hope financial support, remove barriers, eliminate challenges, and improve the quality of life for those that suffer from a terminal illness.

Do we buy the medical equipment?
Do I pay that hospital bill?
How will I get to treatment?
How do we pay for that medication?

As the list goes on, situations can become more difficult—like choosing between what is needed to survive, the needs of others in the household, and the bill collector.

Vaughn’s Wings of Hope helps to ease these choices. One way we help is by providing grants directly to individuals and families struggling with the most difficult of times. There is no way to plan for a change in health such as a terminal illness. We all know families who have faced this in their life.

Though some are able to weather the storm on their own, we know many need a community around to help lift them up and get them through this difficult time.

A little history...

Vaughn’s Wings of Hope was founded in 2018 by Matthew Tripp and Ami Ullrich. The concept began with an idea to pay tribute to Willard and Irilla Vaughn, grandparents of Matthew (President), Ami (Treasurer), and Kim (Board Member), and parents of Cindi (Secretary).

Willard served our country in the U.S. Air Force, and Irilla was his support system during their 56 years together from WWII until he passed from cancer in 2000. Irilla later passed from cancer in 2016.

Willard and Irilla leave behind a legacy of helping their communities and those in need by donating their time, talent, and money. These same ideas are at the heart of Vaughn’s Wings of Hope, as we strive to improve the lives of those in our communities who suffer from terminal illness.